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Lottie’s Lot is a fruit and veggie garden being established in our back garden in Hobart, Tasmania. With the assistance of FiMBY, planning has taken place and the garden has been re-established.  The first major sowing of seeds and planting out of more fruit trees, etc started in early September 2010 – in time to get things happening for spring!

From our first blog post on this site:  We’ve done a lot of work in our gardens over the years. It can be exhausting as well as rewarding, but we’ve decided to take the step of getting some expert advice in to help us establish our veggie patch.
Here’s a bit of a history of our garden food-producing wise. In addition to sorting out more decorative garden beds and completely re-doing the front garden, we have worked on edibles in the garden. I think my first attempt other than just plant pots was a wall of herbs (photo taken 4 April 2006):
Brekkie in the back
Then I totally destroyed a garden bed and re-did this as a mostly herb but also occasional veggie patch (photo taken 20 May 2007)
New Herb Garden
That patch is still going. It always has fresh herbs to cook with and I sometimes get in snow peas or tomatoes. But we wanted to expand into veggies in a bigger way, so in September 2008 put in a small veggie patch in a different part of the back garden:
New Veggie Patch
And even planted some raspberries:
Raspberry Canes
But this is how we both have felt about it all:
Scott Relaxing on His Vanquished Adversary  in the Skip Bin
Yeah – a bit overwhelmed. I don’t think it’s that we can’t do it on our own, but we work full time so it can be difficult to be inspired get into the garden on weekends. Plus some expert advice might help us avoid a few mistakes. So we contacted FiMBY. Christina came out to look at our garden on 12 June 2010 and to chat about what our vision for our veggie garden is. She will work with us to come up with a design for our veggie garden, help us establish it, then mentor us for a while. I was surprised how excited about it my husband was; I really thought I’d have to do a lot more convincing! FiMBY takes July off, so we’re hoping to get going in early August. I’m quite excited!

I’ve set up this website to document our progress.

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  1. Lise says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website & your garden. It is all so professionally done & fills me with enthusiasm to start planting in my own garden 🙂

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