Eskil’s First Garden Craft Session

Our last official garden craft session with FiMBY was Eskil’s first! However we’ve already discussed continuing mentoring sessions with Christina; having someone come out to help and inspire us at least once a month is just too important not to continue – especially with a newborn providing a distraction.

Eskil's First FiMBY Session

Eskil's First FiMBY Session (6 weeks 4 days old)

Today we (I’ll need to update this list after I double check what was done):

  • Made some fertilizer as the monthly garden craft topic.
  • Big Blue Cleared out some carrots and beetroot and put in some Greeenfeast peas.
  • Little Red Put fertilizer and compost onto the asperagas bed.
  • Big Red Cleared out some of the feral parsley in Big Red and planted carrots (lubyana, purple dragon, and royal chantenay), dill, corriander, and parsley. Tied up the sugar snap peas (we’ve already had some!). Harvested fennel.  Also put in a little sweet basil in case I can get a start on it.
  • Big Yellow Chopped up the green manure, which is much more lush than last year, and harvested one of the two violet Sicilian califlowers.
  • Berry Patch Christina tied up some boysenberry branches and we all did a bit of weeding.  I need to get some leafy green seeds in in the next day or two.
Cutting Up the Green Manure

Scott and Christina Cutting Up the Green Manure

Violet Sicilian Cauliflower

Violet Sicilian Cauliflower

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  1. hiya – yay for new posts! we planted peas (variety: Greenfeast bush peas) not beans, and i think the third carrot variety was scarlet nantes. and i was sooo jealous of the fennel!

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