Garden Plan Version 1.1

We’ve done some back-and-forth with Christina at FiMBY to fine tune the garden plan.  Most of the veggies will be in 4 raised beds – they’ll each be a different colorbond colour.  They source a lot of their seeds from The Lost Seed, and we’ve enjoyed looking through their website at the different rare and heritage varieties they have.  Why have boring carrots when you can have Purple Dragons?!  Or same-old white cauliflower when you can have Violet Sicilian?!  So when we get to planting, we’ll be looking for more ‘interesting’ varieties.

But in finalising the plan we now have more destruction; the sickly psoralea at the top of the back garden will now be going. We’ll be putting a mulberry tree in the south west corner and have raspberries across the back fence from it to the large apricot.

Here’s the revised plan; you can see a larger version by clicking on it:

Garden Plan_AfterFeedback_Large

Here’s the plan for the 4 big raised garden beds:

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