I have been accused, by our friendly garden guru, of being obsessive.  Me?!  Just because I photograph our garden every day?  Just because my husband and I almost compete to see who can get out to the garden each morning and evening to check on our sprouting darlings?!  Surely. . .um, well, hmm.

However it can’t be a bad thing to have progress in the garden documented so well:

Chestnut 'George Sand' on 6 October 2010

Chestnut 'George Sand' on 6 October 2010

Chestnut 'George Sand'

Chestnut 'George Sand' on 14 October 2010

Just think how many more plants there are out in our garden!  So really, I’ve actually shown great restraint.  I’ve not documented each individual mizuna seedling (oooh . . . how tempting!) or documented the daily progress of potato leaves.  Sure, some seedling might have been photographed often, but if I was really obsessive (or, well more scientific) I’d also have recorded temperatures, hours of sunlight, soil temperature, rainfall, watering, etc.  So perhaps I could just be called ‘enthusiastic’ rather than obsessive?

Signs of Life in Big Blue

10 Days After Sowing Seeds

New Life in Big Blue

12 Days After Sowing Seeds

Big Blue's Greens

19 Days After Sowing Seeds

Before Transplanting Mizuna, Bok Choi, and Tat Soi

29 Days After Sowing Seeds, Just Before Transplanting

Big Blue After Some Transplanting

31 Days After Sowing Seeds, After Some Transplanting

Hmm.  Maybe not.

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  1. Bri says:

    Hi – a new reader here! I’m loving your updates, and am living vicariously through your garden. My current (rental) house only has 2 very small patches for me to grow vegies in, but I am trying to make the most of it for the time being! I’ve been eagerly watching the progress of my potatoes, leek, garlic and spring onions – this time of year is great 🙂

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