Preparing for Winter

Well the baby takes priority over gardening, and gardening takes priority over writing about gardening, so this blog has been sorely neglected. If I remember to sort out some settings before logging off maybe I can blog from my phone, but we’ll see! All I seem to harvest or cook winds up like this:

11 of 12 Making More Eskil Food

Last weekend I cleared out big red, big blue, and big yellow.  All three also have a bag each of sheep and horse manure in them.  There were baby leek sized spring onions that I couldn’t eat in spring or summer because they would give my boy gas; last night they became a beautiful quiche with feta.

I have now planted:

  • Big Red:  broadbeans and garlic
  • Big Blue:  green manure
  • Big Yellow:  cauliflower, broccoli, savouy cabbage, lettuce (Amish deer ear, red velvet, and buttercrunch – I can’t find all my seeds!), spinach, carrots, and yellow beetroot.

I want to transplant the capsicums out of Big Green into the front garden then get something over them to help protect them from frost.  Then I shall plant it out with herbs, most lettuces, and other stuff.

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