The Circle of Life

Our new, improved, FiMBYesque garden has been going long enough that we’ve seen lots of progress and our plants going through various stages.  I’m overjoyed to see some of our berries blooming, like the jostaberry and blueberry that bloomed weeks ago and the raspberries and boysenberry that have just blossomed:
Raspberry Blossom
Boysenberry Blossom
But I was also sad to notice the other day that some of our mizuna and tat soi will be going to seed soon. As long as they don’t all go to seed at once I’m fine, but I’m already too used to salading freely from my garden to welcome the idea that they might all go at once! But look at my mizuna; even going to seed (and in the middle of a downpour) doesn’t it look great?!
Mizuna Going To Seed

And isn’t if funny that what makes me happy from some plants (blossoms, then fruit, coming) makes me sad from others (blossoms, then seed, coming).  Just the nature of the difference between my fruiting plants and leafy greens!  At least the next generation of greens won’t be far behind.

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