A Half Session. . .

Christina came by today for a quick half session, which worked well with Eskil’s limits!  He mostly played in his KinderKot while Lottie ‘guarded’ him.  He’s 11 weeks and 5 days old.
Lottie Garding Her Eskil While I Garden
First we cleared out some carrots and beetroot that was going to seed in Big Blue. Then as I couldn’t find my gardening gloves, Christina cleared out a lot of nettles and other ouchy weeds from around the garlic. I planted some beetroot in Big Blue (Lost Seed’s heirloom mix) and spread lots of blood and bone in the garden beds – they seem nitrogen deficient. Then we put a small teepee of beans with Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder, and Purple Kings into Big Blue as well.

Our broadbeans already have plenty of beans for harvesting, and Chrsitina also noticed that the cherry tree we planted this year is fruiting already!! And the tree planted last year has lots of fruit.
Fruit on the cherry tree planted last year

I’m looking forward to another session on Monday! 🙂

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