Plan B in Action!

Yesterday was a BIG day in Lottie’s Lot: the Fimbaristas came and got the garden beds into position and moved what must have been several billion wheelbarrow loads of soil to fill them!

For us, the day started out with dropping Lottie off to spend the day with her friends Flynn and Devon.  This ensured she was out of the way and the back gate could safely be left open.  The blurry furry bodies in this photo show that this was a popular plan.
The Blurring Tells Me Lottie Will Have a Good Day

Lottie came home to find that one of her favourite puppies, Kenny, had done a LOT of work in her absence! Either that or he thought this new ‘bed’ was a great place to nap with its freshly moved soil.
Lottie Asks Kenny About His Day

The beds fit even better than I thought they would. We used to have a dinky veggie patch here that nearly killed us to dig out and was never very good; now we have these excellent raised garden beds, holes have been dug for the cherry and mulberry, etc!
Raised Garden Beds in Place!

Garden beds from the uphill side (with added ‘ghost husbands’ and a bonus schnauzer tail!):
Garden Beds In Place

I’m so excited about planting out on Saturday!  Note:  if you select the last 2 photos and check them out on Flickr, there are a few notes on the photos.

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  1. Rita says:

    It’s looking FABULOUS! Well done to you both – and glad to see you taking up the FIMBY ethos and embracing it so heartily!
    Where is your place? (Suburb?)

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