Rain Delay: Plan B

After such a dry winter, it’s suddenly like we’re getting a winter’s worth of rain in the first week of spring.  Just when our garden establishment was scheduled.  With soil moving being the big task of the day Saturday, it would have been silly to go ahead.  So Christina came up with a Plan B: the Fimbaristas will come and place and fill the Colorbond beds FiMBY arranged & dig the bigger holes on a fine day during the week; we’ll do planting out next weekend. 

We met up with Christina at Chandler’s nursery to choose some plants.  We got:

  • A self pollinating cherry ‘Starkrimson’
  • A mulberry ‘Black English’
  • A chestnut tree ‘George Sands’
  • A gooseberry ‘Captivata’

We have now vowed to never go plant shopping without Christina again.  It made me realise how much I don’t know about just simply choosing a plant.  I tried asking questions and understanding what she was saying about plant structure and such, but it’s all so different for each plant and each situation I’d never be able to learn.  GAH!  Christina came back to our place to look over things again with the plan and make sure there were no questions that would need answering when we weren’t there.  It was bucketing down.  Lottie really wanted to be with the people, but she kept getting soaked then bolting back to the open laundry door and looking out at us.  People are really beyond understanding!

Lottie Doesn't Like Gardening in the West and Cold

Lottie Doesn't Like Gardening in the Wet and Cold

Sunday we went and picked up the half wine barrels for our ‘Mediterranean Zone’, i.e. the top of the driveway where we’ll have some olives, a bay, and a fig or two in the ground.

Wine Barrels in the 'Mediterranean Zone'

Wine Barrels in the 'Mediterranean Zone'

The wine barrels were made at Mendocino Cooperage and the Barrel Records shows they were used by Fetzer.  So these barrels that started their life in California have wound up in our garden in Tasmania.  Of all places!

Barrel Record

Barrel Record

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